Welcome to Bethlehem Farms

Bethlehem Farms is a very pro-critter place. We raise goatssheep, and livestock guardian dogs. Our menagerie also includes a variety of chickens and exotic birds. Barn cats and a rescued orphan deer prowl our premises. Our farmhouse echos with the songs of our proud and cheerful cockatiel.

Ridgely Harrison started Bethlehem Farms began way back in 1983, when our first dairy goat, Leslie, became a stubborn but still-loved member of our family. While Leslie shared her milk reluctantly, she generously demonstrated the strength and force of her kicking ability on many occasions. Yet despite Leslie’s efforts to persuade us against farming, we persevered.

Today, we’ve branched out quite a bit. Our lovely herd of gentlefriendly alpine goats and our flock of abundantly woolly sheep dot our hillsides. Our guardian dogs serenely protect our fields. Our roosters wake us when dawn cracks over the mountaintop.

It’s been an unforgettable journey. Believe us, if you heard the stories we could tell …. and you will, right here on our blog.

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Goats 90%
Sheep 85%
Wool 65%
Guardian Dogs 5%
Goat Cheese 25%
Eggs 30%
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