Your Goat’s Anatomy

Some of us simply don’t have the slightest idea where to find a goat’s scapula or dewclaw. If you have always wanted to know more about the parts that comprise your goat, you will enjoy this animated online tutorial on goat anatomy.

It is part of Karin Christensen’s Biology of the Goat and is a great learning tool!  Click on the little hooves to learn anatomical terms or to test your own knowledge.  If you feel like exploring even more, there are lots of other fun things on the rest of the Goat Biology website as [...]

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Welcome, Spring!

Spring is here.  The pear trees are in bloom and the new almond has pink blossoms.  The first lambs are suckling.  The nanny goats are looking for a spot to have their kids, while keeping an eye out for watchful farm hands.  This should be a busy month, but we won’t count the lambs and kids until they have all arrived.

The garden is full of new life from the fall, like robust kale and luscious egyptian onions (a gift that keeps growing from our friends at Satyrfield Dairy).

Hopefully, the spring rains won’t dampen our sheep, as sheep-shearing is scheduled for the week of March [...]

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Goats: the “Green” way to control weeds!

What’s better than living green and eco-friendly? Why, living green and eco-friendly while feeding a hungry goat, of course. We’ve always known that goats are great for clearing brush and weeds, especially from rough and hard to reach hilly areas. But now the secret is out, and places like the Legacy Nature Preserve in Utah and eco-aware cities like Seattle, WA , Wilsonville, OR, and Los Angeles, [...]

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Merry Christmas!

We know it is a few days early, but we are looking forward to a very Merry Christmas on the farm.  It might even be a White Christmas, as the weatherman is spreading rumors of possible snow.

Four of Christmas’ puppies will be spending their holidays with their new owners.  The rest are still here, waiting for you with wagging tails and happy, muddy feet.

During this holiday, you may have seen small straw goat figurines like the one pictured here.  These Christmas Goat figurines originated in Scandanavia, where they are still commonly used for decoration during the  Christmas season. [...]

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Chilly Days Are Here Again…

A chill is in the air, reminding everyone at Bethlehem Farms that winter and Christmas are almost here.  These days, we bundle up when we head outdoors.  As soon as we can, we hurry back to the farmhouse to spend cozy evenings beside the wood stove.

Last weekend, the Bethlehem Farms Living Nativity (a lovely bunch of people and critters) kicked off the holiday season by participating in the annual Nelson County Christmas Parade. We had a great time.  Thanks to our cheerful participants and to the brisk weather that kept us on our toes, we were awarded Second Place for the Most Entertaining Marching Unit.  [...]

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4 Reasons to Love Goat’s Milk

4. Goat’s milk is trendy.

All the cool kids are drinking it. Foodies call it “a gourmet beverage.” It’s talked about in the New York Times. It’s sold at grocery stores like Whole Foods, Pathmark, and Shop Rite, as well as various gourmet and health-food specialty stores. But we like it best when it comes from our own back yard.

3. Goat’s milk tastes udderly delicious…even without a side of cookies.

We know….we’ve tried it! Goat’s milk is a treat [...]

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An autumn update…

Hello all! The crispness of fall is here and excitement is in the air. We have a visitor, Cherry Glen’s Handle Edwardo, who will be siring spring kids for a lucky few of our elite registered does. So far, he seems to be pretty popular with the girls, attracting lots of attention and turning a lot of heads.

We’ve also got a tumbling pile of ten new puppies. Mama Christmas gave birth to the litter a few weeks ago. The pups have been yipping, barking, and opening their eyes for a few days now, and are about to venture out [...]

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Goat’s Milk vs. Other Milks: Comparative Nutrient Values

Dataset taken from the USDA Food and Nutrient Database for Dietary Studies.

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Robot says ‘goodbye,’ Spring says ‘hello’!

Spring has sprung on Bethlehem Farms. Peepfrogs regularly hold choir practice. Spring blooms are beginning to unfold. The grass is getting greener. We’ve been so busy enjoying the weather, we almost forgot to blog!

There are lots of changes all across the farm, as we prepare for new life. We recently said goodbye to ‘Robot,’ who has a new home and a new grown-up name.

We also welcomed seven new guardian dog puppies to the farm this week. They are lovely and round and full of rolly-polly grunts and squirms. We expect that the thunder [...]

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We Love Our Alpines…

Here at Bethlehem Farms, most of our goats are American Alpines.

American Alpines are a unique breed, produced by crossing French and British Alpine lines. We decided to raise American Alpines because of their superb dairy quality, gracile body size, and gentle personalities.

In “Alpine Breed History,” Paul Hamby describes the American Alpine breed as “an American original,” which represents “the success of hybrid vigor.” He notes:

Today’s Alpines are a versatile utility animal. Alpine wethers make excellent Pack Goats. Alpine does make excellent milkers for both home and commercial dairies. Alpines produce a high volume of [...]

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