What’s better than living green and eco-friendly? Why, living green and eco-friendly while feeding a hungry goat, of course. We’ve always known that goats are great for clearing brush and weeds, especially from rough and hard to reach hilly areas. But now the secret is out, and places like the Legacy Nature Preserve in Utah and eco-aware cities like Seattle, WA , Wilsonville, OR, and Los Angeles, CA have begun to hire goats as a means of environmentally-friendly weed control. City Grazing and Goats R Us are two great examples of goat-powered, alternative, weed-solution companies.

Here are some of the Benefits of Goat Grazing, as pointed out in the Environmental Research Foundation article, “Goats to Clear Weeds”:

  • No toxic chemicals are involved.
  • Goats consume both weeds and seeds, thereby curbing future generations of weed growth.
  • Goats do not leave fire-prone dry plant waste behind.
  • Goats can access steep hills, rocky terrain, and obscure corners that are not readily accessible to people or machines.