Meet Our Animals

Bethlehem Farms Goat


Most of our goats are American Alpines. Cross-bred from the French and British Alpine lines, American Alpines are medium-sized goats with upright ears and dished faces. They are hardy, good-tempered, personable animals. Bred primarily for dairy purposes, their well-shaped udders produce high volumes of milk – sometimes throughout the year.

Our herd includes registered and grade American Alpines. We hand-raise our animals as naturally as possible, avoiding the use of growth hormones and pesticide-treated grains. Our animals are friendly, personable, and disease-free.

We sell registered and unregistered American Alpine goats. We maintain our goats’ bloodline quality by using unrelated registered bucks as our herd sires. Our herd sires are as follows: Udder Way’s Troubleshooter (pre-1999), Dawn Acres VL Macho Man (2003), Silver Hill Cassia’s Musketeer (2004-2006). Our animals are hand-raised to be gentle and friendly. They are TB, CAE, and Brucellosis free. Does (female goats), wethers (neutered male goats), and sheep also available upon inquiry

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Jacob Sheep


The Jacob Sheep is a unique breed which dates back to biblical times. Both rams and ewes have one to three sets of horns. Their build is slender to medium (80lbs – 170lbs). Their fleeces are white with interspersed black mottling. Light-diameter Jacob wool fibers form fines, open-textured, uniquely-colored fleeces, ideal for spinning, felting, and other handicrafts.

Some of our Jacob sheep are crossed with Romney-Corriedale breed. Their body size is slightly stockier (140lbs – 170lbs), making them suitable for meat production. Their fleeces are thicker, high-yielding fleeses, which may be black, brown, gray, and/or cream-colored. Their wool has a fine to medium texture, long-stapled with a more uniform crimp.

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Guardian Dogs
Italian Maremma - Great Pyrenees guard dogs

Guardian Dogs

Our majestic Italian Maremma-Great Pyrenees guard dogs oversee the well-being of our farm. Agile and sleekly-muscled (70lbs – 100lbs), they are powerful, intelligent animals. Neither fierce attack dogs nor welcoming pets, their temperament is uniquely that of a guard animal.

Hyper-developed territorial instincts compel the Maremma to be a responsible livestock guardian. While loyal to its owner and highly protective of its wards, the Maremma is often aloof and agnostic towards strangers. Most Maremmas protect ‘their own’ by barking and pacing rather than engaging in overly aggressive behavior. They generally require their owner’s reassurance and supervision during inital encounters with unfamiliar persons or animals.

We generally have Great Pyranees puppies available for sale. Our puppies are handled minimally to ensure that they will achieve maximum bonding with future owners and their farm animals. Males will be selling for $350.00, and females for $400.00. Please contact us for more information.

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Other Critters
Farm Critters

Other Critters

Well, we don’t raise pigs or cows… but our menagerie includes a bit of everything else. In or around our henhouse, you’ll find chickens, guineafowl, doves, and peacocks. At the farmhouse, there is a resident cockatiel who is sometimes visited by baby chicks.

Our several cats are responsible for mouse patrol. Baron, opossum-hunting Bichon Frise, is mostly ‘retired’, but still keeps up with the ‘big dogs’. Russie, an orphaned white-tail deer, frequents the back pasture.

And from time to time, various ponies, donkeys, ducks, geese, honeybees, rabbits, and pigs have called our farm their home. The more the merrier, we always say…