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Italian Maremma-Great Pyrenees guard dogs

Our majestic Italian Maremma-Great Pyrenees guard dogs oversee the well-being of our farm. Agile and sleekly-muscled (70lbs – 100lbs), they are powerful, intelligent animals. Neither fierce attack dogs nor welcoming pets, their temperament is uniquely that of a guard animal.

Hyper-developed territorial instincts compel the Maremma to be a responsible livestock guardian. While loyal to its owner and highly protective of its wards, the Maremma is often aloof and agnostic towards strangers. Most Maremmas protect ‘their own’ by barking and pacing rather than engaging in overly aggressive behavior. They generally require their owner’s reassurance and supervision during inital encounters with unfamiliar persons or animals.

  • Male Puppies
  • $350
  • Female Puppies
  • $450

We generally have Great Pyranees puppies available for sale and they are generally sold on a first come first serve basis. Our puppies are handled minimally to ensure that they will achieve maximum bonding with future owners and their farm animals.

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We Have Puppies!

We have 4 females and 3 males born Tuesday September 26th 2017. Call today to pick up yours or for more information!

Call (434) 263-4343