Why should you want goats too?

 Goat’s Milk

Goat’s milk has a character all its own. A staple in most parts of the world, its drinkers greatly outnumber those of cow’s milk. Gastronomes prize it for use in flavorful cuisine. Natural foods proponents value it for its healthful nutrients. Drinkers with sensitive digestive systems find it soothing. Kids love how it helps them develop strong teeth and bones. And by the way, it’s udderly delicious!

With its unique flavor, goat’s milk is tasty on its own. It can also be used as a healthy alternative when cooking. It is naturally low in fat content, with an easily digested protein structure. Even picky infants, kids with milk allergies and most lactose-intolerant people are able to enjoy it.

Our hormone-free goats produce hormone-free milk. We heat-pasteurize our milk to ensure that it is free of germs and contaminates, just like the FDA recommends.

 Clearing Land

Contrary to myth, a goat is not going to help recycle your tins cans. Goats are “browsers”, which means they enjoy eating small shrubs, bushes, and brambles that frequently keep pastures from looking “grassy”. Tough and hardy, the goat will consume things no finicky cow or should would consider eating.

With their curious natures and agile climbing abilities, goats will happily nibble in all those impossible-to-maintain areas where lawnmowers won’t go. Just makes sure to keep an eye on your rosebushes.

 Companion Animals

Goats are seldom accused of shyness. They are inquisitive, frisky, opinionated animals.Highly expressive, they readily show their affection and snort their disapproval. Nimble and sprightly, they love to climb, jump, and play king of the hill.

Alpines are ideal companion animals. As a breed, they are mellower and gentler than most. They make wonderful pets and readily bond with other animals.

Our hand-raised Alpines are friendly. They come when you call. They know their names. And they’d love to know what you have in that bucket.

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With all these good reasons who wouldn't want a goat?

Most of our goats are American Alpine. We raise them naturally to be hormone and disease-free. As well, our herd is friendly and personable.

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